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Half Shilling Cigar Box Guitar "Cherry Picker"

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This Half Shilling Cigar Box is mated with a hard maple neck with 1/4 inch cherry cap on the headstock and tail piece. Two top sound holes gives the player a nice acoustic tone. Plug in to use the Piezo bridge pickup; it emotes a great twangy delta blues sound. The neck single coil pumps out a slightly mellowed down rhythm tone.

Cherry Picker Specs
  • + Neck: Maple
  • + Fret Board: Walnut
  • + Cherry Veneer Head and Tail
  • + Mother of Pearl Dots
  • + 24 inch scale
  • + 22 frets
  • + 4 strings
  • + Bone nut and saddle
  • + Single Coil neck pickup
  • + Piezo bridge pickup
  • + selector switch
  • + volume and tone controls
Listen to the Half Shilling Cigar Box Guitar